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    Learn from soil health experts in our video series. 

  • Basics of No-till

    Information and videos on no-till systems.

  • The Value of Crop Residue-Cost to Soil Health

    The plant residue left in the field after harvest is a valuable resource. Increasing demand for harvested crop residue has left many producers wondering whether they should bale and sell their crop...

  • Soil Health Info & Links

    Find helpful websites and articles with more information on no-till.

  • Cover Crop Cost Share Program Upfield and No-till on the Plains

    Upfield, the parent company for Country Crock spread and No-till on the Plains have partnered to provide a cover crop cost-share program for producers in eastern Kansas and the western most counties...

  • Cover Crops

    Cover crops are used primarily as a method to keep the soil covered during periods of time when a cash crop is not being grown. A cover crop can be a single species or multiple species planted at the...

  • Regenerative Agriculture

    Although there is no single accepted defintion of regenerative agriculture, there are many principles and practices that encompass the movement of regenerative agriculture.

  • Mike McDonald Drilling into heavy residue

    This JD 750 Drill of Mike and Janet McDonald, at Indigo Ridge Farms, Palmyra, NE was modified in at least seven ways to more effectively drill into heavy residue.

  • Paul Jasa Planting Considerations

    Paul Jasa serves as an Extension Engineer, at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, where he develops and conducts educational programs related to crop production that improve profitability, build soil...

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  • Sorghum with Companion Crops Project

    Grain Sorghum is a primary crop in the High Plains in drought vulnerable areas. The crop is frequently planted in a no-till system, but herbicide and insecticide treatment is common place. In 2015...