Regenerative Rancher, Blackwell, Oklahoma

Tom Cannon was born March 6, 1968, in Blackwell, Oklahoma, the fourth generation of Goodson Ranch pioneer farmer/ranchers. Tom Cannon became unable to complete his collegiate education due to his father’s debilitating pickup wreck in 1997.


Finding the soil at 1% OM, Tom attended his first No Till on the Plains in January, 1998, a life-changing experience.  The new Goodson Ranch CEO sold all tillage equipment and converted to 100% no-till – and now, among other radical experiences, he finds his soil testing at over 3% OM.


Sharing his successes and failures on Regenerative Ag though public speaking engagements and the personal relations gleamed at these engagements are an increasing priority. Relationships with God, family, and friends tops his list of priorities. Soil and the soils biological relationships are foundational to the success of the Goodson Ranch.


Tom says, “I have a passion for our creation and an even greater passion for the Creator.  Responsibility for good stewardship tops my list of occupational duties.”


He was later awarded the Oklahoma Governor’s Conservation award, Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS) Environmental Stewardship award, NRCS Cooperator of the year for Oklahoma, Quail & Pheasants forever conservation award, and the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association Environmental Stewardship awards.