Posted February 12, 2016

How healthy are your soils? Join No-till on the Plains for a field days to see how continuous no-till production helps boost soil health and what it means for your bottom line. Get equipment setup tips, view our soil pit and rainfall simulator, and learn from no-till experts.


Join us in Nebraska for two Whirlwind Expo field days in partnership with NRCS and Nebraska Extension, sponsored and funded by the Nebraska Environmental Trust. Also sponsored by Arrow Seed and Green Cover Seed. 


There will be two field events in Oklahoma in partnership with Oklahoma State University, funded through an NRCS Conservation Innovation Grant.


We are excited to announce a new event along the Kansas-Oklahoma border hosted by No-till on the Plains and our partners. This event will showcase soil health stewardship on both farm ground and grazing lands. 

Members Get 50% Off

Attendees of the 2016 Winter Conference are now members of No-till on the Plains. One of your member benefits is a discounted registration to any of our events in the same year. Enjoy a 50% discount to our field events in 2016. More events are being planned.