Regenerative Farmer, Ohio

Lydia is a part of three generations of her family that are currently farming at Dresbach Farms located in Southern Ohio. Lydia is one of three grandchildren who have been able to return to the family farm, through the stacking of enterprises. She currently manages all of the direct marketing for Dresbach Farms, has her own herd of cattle, has a large role in the agritourism events hosted on the farm, dabbles in vegetable production, and assists with the managing of the farming operation. Using regenerative practices has become a focal point of the farm as Lydia and her family strive to be better stewards of the land and leave it better than how they found it. By planting sunflowers in a cover crop blend behind wheat a door was opened to introduce the community to the beauty that can be found in farming, the importance of knowing where your food comes from and how it is raised, and started a conversation between farmer and consumers that Lydia is continuing to cultivate with her farm role.