July 30, 2019 to August 1, 2019


Starting in Lubbock, Texas

Join No-till on the Plains and our experts for this 3 day tour of farms in the Lubbock and Amarillo, Texas area. Participants will see how soil health practices used in a robust crop rotation can work for even the driest regions. Our tour stops will feature long-term no-till fields growing cotton, corn, sorghum, cowpeas, sunflower and more. Participants will also see effective weed suppression, moisture conservation and livestock integration using single and multi-species cover crops. 

Meals and 2 nights accomodations are provided in your registration costs. Single and double occupancy rates are available. 

Farm stops include R.N. Hopper from Petersburg, TX; Steve Olson from Plainview, TX; Kelly Kettner from Muleshoe, TX and Michael Carlson from Hereford, TX. Each of these producers is implementing a soil health system on their farms, but in a uniquie fashion specific to their soils and local conditions. 

Chris Grotegut from Hereford, TX is implementing restoration of perennial grasses for both grazing and pasure cropping. Chris intends to plant all of his acres back to perrenial grasses but also intends to crop all the acres. 


July 30

Leave Lubbock, Texas 8:30 AM on bus. Tour of Olson and Hopper farms. Return to Lubbock that night.

July 31

Leave Lubbock, Texas 8:30 AM on bus. Tour Carlson and Kettner farms. Return to Lubbock that night

Aug 1

Leave Lubbock 7:30 am on bus, Tour farm of Chris Grotegut, Hereford, TX. 


Single day registration $125

Single room occupancy all three days $325

Double room occupancy $250 (share hotel room with someone else)

Questions please call 785-210-4549


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