July 31, 2018


Feikert Farms Bucklin, Kansas


No-till on the Plains is hosting a soil health field day at Feikert Farms near Bucklin, KS. Through a grant from the northcentral region of the Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education Program (SARE), four producers across Kansas have planted demonstrations plots of grain sorghum with companion species (mung beans, guar, flax, crimson clover, buckwheat, phacelia). The plots are designed to assess whether the companion plantings can reduce the need for herbicides and pesticides to protect the sorghum crop. Comparisons are being made between the plots and the rest of the sorghum field. 

Also included in the field tour are soil health practices on Feikert farms with several treatements for soybeans, pollinator strips and forage cover crops.  Soil health demonstrations from NRCS Soil Health specialist Candy Thomas will close out the morning. 

Lunch is provided.