August 22, 2018 to August 23, 2018


Lakin, Kansas

Join your fellow farmers and ranchers this summer and discover techniques and systems to improve your bottom line, your soil production and your profits in the drier High Plains climate.

The expert speakers we have lined up for you have decades of success through real-world practice and experience. Discover all their knowledge over 2 days of presentations including afternoon “breakout” sessions providing proven and immediately usable strategies for your specific farming/ranching situations, problems and goals.

Here’s just some of the topics, strategies and insights you’ll discover at the 2018 Bottom Line Conference:

Soil health, function and productivity.
Water holding capacity of various soils.
Organic matter and water infiltration.
Increasing profits by augmenting organic matter.
Operation strategies for less inputs and more profits.
Holistic farm management and financial planning.
Grazing management strategies for better soils,
livestock productivity, watershed function and more!