Dykstra Laboratories, Inc. Gainesville, FL

Dr. Thomas Dykstra is the Laboratory Director of his own lab, Dykstra Laboratories in Gainesville, Florida and serves as the scientific advisor for Advancing Eco Agriculture.  For 25 years, he has studied bioelectromagnetics (how electromagnetic fields affect life), especially as it relates to insects.  He holds entomology degrees from Cornell University as well as the University of Florida and has been awarded seven patents with one patent pending.  Dr. Dykstra consults for farmers, agricultural companies, tech firms, attorneys, international governments, and insurance agencies.  He has visited three continents and presents lectures on diverse topics covering entomology, olfactory physiology, biophysics, paramagnetism, neurobiology, and biological antennae.  In terms of active research, Dr. Dykstra deciphered the insect olfactory code back in 2016 and characterizes chemoreceptors for various medical and agricultural insect pests.  He teaches both farmers and agricultural consultants how to raise healthy crops for their families and for profit.