January 24, 2022


Wichita, Kansas

Topics and Speakers

Lance Gunderson from ReGen Ag Lab in Pleasanton, Nebraska

  • Part 1 Farming within a biologically driven system" Lance will discuss the roles of various microorganisms and how these have the potential to carry out either positive and negative on-farm impacts.  In addition, he will discuss various management strategies used to build and sustain a positive biological system on your farm. 
  • Part 2:  "What can we learn from the Haney Test"  Lance will provide a brief overview of what is being measured on the Haney Test and why.  From this foundation, he will discuss how producers can understand and use this information in their farm management strategies.  Finally, we will discuss what is new following several years of sampling and data analysis.  

Dr. Scot Wall from NewAge Laboratories in New Haven Michigan

  • Using Plant SAP analysis During the Growing, What it Can Tell You

Biological Applications on the Farm-- Producer Panel