USDA-ARS Retired Soil Scientist, St. Paul, MN

Don Reicosky, is a retired Soil Scientist for the USDA-ARS, North Central Soil Conservation Research Laboratory, Morris, MN, and Adjunct Professor in the Soil Science Department, University of Minnesota, St. Paul.  Early research involved describing crop response and water use on conventional till and no-till systems with and without irrigation.  Later research focused on tillage and residue management as related to global change issues with emphasis on measuring gaseous losses of soil carbon following intensive tillage with a portable chamber. The gaseous losses of carbon following tillage were related to the volume of soil disturbed in the tillage operation. The short-term tillage-induced losses after moldboard plowing can help explain the long-term decline in soil carbon associated with intensive cropping. These results suggest need for improved conservation agriculture and soil health methods for enhanced soil carbon management to improve the soil resource and maintain economic and environmental benefits important to our quality of life and food security. In retirement, he continues to talk and write about carbon management, carbon cycling and environmental issues in agricultural production systems.