Regenerative Farmer, United Kingdom

Ben Taylor-Davies, born and raised on a farm in Ross-on-Wye, Herefordshire in the U.K before studying geography at Liverpool University. A job as an agronomist was going extremely well until 2012 when our son was involved in a horrific car accident which changed everything. It forever and had a huge impact on my mental health. Ben was granted a Nuffield scholarship in 2016 that allowed Ben to travel the world and bring new ideas back to the U.K. Ben studied blackgrass, a grass weed that plagues much of the U.K and is building resistance to herbicides. Ben feels he is much more fortunate to travel the world and discover all aspects of regenerative farming. On his return it was time to put the fun back into farming and his job. This began by the regeneration of his mental health, regenerative agriculture and it’s principles has quite literally saved him!