Digital recordings are now available for the 20th annual Winter Conference and AIM Symposium. The following four videos are free of charge. Please scroll down for more information on other conference recordings available for purchase for a small fee.

50% discount for members

If you attended the conference, you are considered a member of No-till on the Plains, making you eligible for a 50% discount on our conference videos, as well as discounted access to our summer field days. Please email for instructions on accessing the downloads at the discounted pricing. 

How to Purchase Other Videos

We're pleased to offer digital downloads for purchase for the first time via a third-party service called Sellfy. You can browse our catalog of digital recordings at

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How is my payment processed?
You'll check out via Sellfy's website, which utilizes PayPal's secure checkout process. 

How do I purchase more than one video?
Because Sellfy's setup differs from other shopping carts you may be familiar with, please note that you'll need to complete a separate checkout process for each video you wish to purchase. 

How long will it take to download each video?
These files are large and may take longer than expected to download depending on your Internet speed. Please be patient. It may require several minutes or even hours to fully complete the download process depending on your connection. 

What if I have problems downloading the files?
No-till on the Plains staff is unable to offer technical assistance. Please contact the Sellfy support team by visiting and clicking the green Contact Support button in the upper right corner to send the team an email. They typically respond within a day.