No-till Producer, Hugoton, KS

Nick Vos was born in South Africa where he grew up on a vegetable farm in the Limpopo Province. Proud to currently be an American citizen, Nick and his family, reside in Hugoton, Kansas, where they farm corn, soybeans, wheat, and sorghum. He started using cover crops in 2010 when he was still part of another farming enterprise, mostly interested in the Daikon radish, and its scavenging ability to retrieve nutrients from their mostly sandy, low OM fields. Today, Nick farms on his own, runs a seed business, and also incorporated Dorper sheep into the operation, managed by his wife Johanna. Dopers are a hair sheep breed, used to harsh arid environments, and fits in nicely with their “dust bowl” climate. 

Session: Farming with Cover Crops in the Dust Bowl