Bryon Shelton & Julie Mettenburg, Savory Institute

Many people think of Allan Savory’s Holistic Management as a grazing paradigm. In fact, true to its name, Holistic Management is a powerful tool for managing the complexity across your whole operation. And when it comes to complexity, we all know there are few things more complex than human beings! 

The Human Resource tools of Holistic Management have been forged over years from Allan’s personal experiences, insights and work with families, communities and agencies in crisis around the globe. This session will introduce you to some of the most powerful tools of Holistic Management that are focused on human resource management, including:

  • Ensuring our conversations are focused on the right topics
  • Moving topics forward productively, rather than looping endlessly on the same old problems
  • Ensuring everyone has a voice in an appropriate way
  • Making sure we’re focused on the right problems in the first place
  • Designing personnel positions and solutions that can succeed, especially through an operational transition.

We will also look at some powerful examples of how these Holistic tools have been used in some of the most challenging settings, from communal management to farm family transitions to non-grasslands settings. Finally, we will include some real talk about one of the most difficult challenges and pressing issues our farmers are facing today: generational stewardship transition of our land.

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