No-till Producer Pine Grove, Victoria, Australia

Grant Sims is a sixth generation farmer running the family farm with his wife Naomi and 4 children in North central Victoria Australia. The farm is 8500 acres of dryland and some irrigation.

The Sims farm has been utilizing no-till since the early 80's thanks to Grant’s father and uncle. When Grant came back full time on the farm he started looking at ways to improve the life and function of the soil through biology. In 2008 he stopped using granular synthetic fertilizers and started using a biologically made liquid fertilizer. Also at that time stop using seed dressing, insecticides and fungicides, unless absolutely necessary.

The Sims have a strong focus on diversity and grow many different crops. They use companion crops, cover crops and have expanded their cow calf numbers to integrate through the system. They have seen many positive changes in the health or their soils and plants.  They perform on-farm trials to learn and share methods about how solve problems, be more profitable and improve the soil for the next generation. They believe this also allows them to grow good healthy products.

In 2015 Grant was awarded the Coles Weekly Times Farmer of the Year. Grant is the current president of the Victorian No Till  Famers Association.