Allan Savory

Allan Savory will explain why present management is reductionist and is the cause of  most droughts, crippling debt and emigration that are within our control locally.  He will talk about a study that 30 years ago that showed early adopters of Holistic Management averaged 300% increase in profit while over 600,000 family farms failed, and suicide was the leading cause of agricultural death.  He will explain why such success did not spread because of the way society, and our institutions, oppose new scientific insights that are contrary to our beliefs.   Just as soon as two, easy to understand, issues are accepted any farmers can begin to regenerate the land, local economy and community.  Those two issues are, first management needs to be holistic embracing the web of social, economic and environmental complexity that is unavoidable.  Secondly that livestock using the Holistic Planned Grazing process in place of all rotational and other grazing systems are essential tools to that regeneration in any region where the farmed soils are those of former grasslands, not forests.   

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