January 31, 2019



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Check-In 8:00-8:30 AM 


8:30 AM Introductions

8:40 AM Using the Cubic Acre, Carbon is the Key

Jay Fuhrer, conservationist with North Dakota’s USDA- Natural Resources Conservation Service will detail how producers can utilize the underground resources in their soil to make fields more productive and how farms can operate more efficiently by understanding the soil biological functions. Utilizing carbon as the soil “currency” is the key to system restoration and optimization; Jay will demonstrate how the system is catalyzed by storing more carbon in the soil. Soil health principles drive the success of each acre, using these principles producers can use the entire acre for production.

Jay Fuhrer, District Conservationist, USDA-NRCS Bismarck, North Dakota

10:20 AM Break

10:30 AM Finding Profits in the Soil and Multiple Enterprises

Bryan Jorgensen will explain how he has improved the soils on his farm and ranch to improve the profits of his operations. Jorgenson has farming, ranching, seed, cattle and outfitting businesses that are all integrated to ensure profitability. Bryan attributes much of the financial success to improving the soils on his acres. His business decisions are often driven by maintaining or improving his soils.

Bryan Jorgensen- Farmer/Stockman Ideal, South Dakota


12:00 PM Lunch


1:00 PM Regenerative Products From the Farm, Markets and Sourcing

Presentation and Panel Discussion 

Tom Rabaey and Cecilia Ciarlo will each describe how their companies source ingredients consumer products. They will describe the challenges they face identifying the origin of their ingredients, fulfilling the quantity of the ingredients needed, maintaining separation for higher quality ingredients and meeting consumer demands for their products. These two panelists will contrast the challenges for larger and smaller food companies.  Following their presentations, a facilitated question and answer session will be held.

Tom Rabaey, General Mills Corporation, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Cecilia Ciarlo, Chef and Owner of Bella Gluten Free, Boulder, Colorado

2:30 Break

3:00 Nutrient Density in Food, It's About the Soil

Dan Kittredge will present information about the work done at the Bionutrient Food Association to identify farming practices that produce more nutrient dense foods. He will also tell attendees about the analytical work they perform to confirm the on-farm research. He will present information about the new prototype tool, a handheld spectrometer, being developed for consumers to measure nutritional content of food in fields and stores. The long term goal is to use real-time nutritional information to drive more nutritionally dense produce in the food supply.

Dan Kittredge, Executive Director, Bionutient Food Association, Barre, Massachussettes

4:30 Question and Answer Session