July 22, 2014 to July 23, 2014


Harvest House, Emporia, KS


Early Bird: $150/person or $250/ couple
After July 11: $200/person or $300/couple

Carbon: The Foundation of Life

Explore carbon and its role in providing us with healthy soil, clean and abundant water, and healthier communities.

Speaker Lineup

Abe Collins

Abe is a student in the work of regenerative agriculture and shares what he’s learning through speaking and teaching. Abe works with clients to grow topsoil, grass, and beef. Through his teaching he is able to help de- sign and build water secure, deep topsoil farms and ranches. Abe works on merging advanced soil monitoring and environmental modeling to make the value of healthy topsoil clear to cities.

Peter Donovan

Peter thinks the opportunity for increasing carbon and water in the soil is huge, and will help drive improvement in social and economic conditions as well as enhance biodiversity and ecological resiliency. The mother of all ecosystem services, that we influence by our deci- sions, is the fast biological carbon cycle.

Jerry Brunetti

The links between healthy soil, truly nutritious food and profitable, sustainable farm- ing are clearly evident in his personal and professional experiences and his skill for communi- cating this to people has won him extensive praise from holistic health professionals, sustaina- ble farming organizations and many farms and consumers.

Kelly Griffeth

Kelly and his father Robin operate a very diverse grain farm in north central Kansas. Besides having a very diverse rotation, Kelly and Robin are avid students of soil health and are working with cover crops (biological primers) and companion planting.