Jako Farm, Hutchinson, KS

Daniel King is third-generation owner/manager of Jako Farm, a grass-based, multi-species, seasonal farm near Hutchinson, KS. Jako Farm direct-markets over 100 products to over 2,000 local customers looking for non-GMO, chemical-free food that surpasses organic standards. Daniel and his wife, Robyn, have one son, Luke. 

The farm's grassfed cattle are raised from birth on grass/legume pastureland. The farm is comprised of pastures that do not receive herbicides, pesticides or commercial fertilizer. They contain a blend of grasses, forbs, and legumes to give animals a balanced diet. This form of feeding livestock gives the highest quality milk and meat and the CLA (which is anti-carcinogenic) levels are therapeutic.

Jako Farm's pastured poultry spend the first few weeks of life in a brooder house, and are then moved out to pasture when they are able to tolerate an outdoor climate. They forage on grasses, bugs and insects that they find, and are supplemented with a customized probiotic-enhanced, hormone- and antibiotic-free ration. They raise both meat birds and egg-layers.

The grassfed lambs are raised on pasture, and enjoy foraging with the calves. Like the cattle, they are not fed grain. The pigs live by the river in brushy undergrowth and enjoy a rich diet of roots, skim milk and organic grains.

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