Jared Estes

How Healthy Plants Make Healthy Soil

John Kempf

Adaption versus Adoption: Farming with 2020 Vision in Mind

Loran Steinlage

Fungal Consciousness: Embrace the Mycelium to Grow Healthy

Michael Phillips

What Got You Here, Won't Get you There!

Steve Groff

SPONSOR SESSION: GREEN COVER SEED, Rebuilding Our Soils - A Task of Biblical Proportion!

Keith Berns

Who Wants to Buy My Regenerative Wheat?

Justin Knopf

SPONSOR SESSION: FARMER'S BUSINESS NETWORK, Getting Paid for Regenerative Ag: New Opportunities and the Good Data Imperative

Charles Baron

DAY 2 OPENING SESSION: Our Soil, Ourselves

Dr. Daphne Miller

Integrating Livestock into a Soil Health System

Doug Peterson

Farming with Less Muscle: Cover Crops, Livestock and Soil Health 

Lucinda Stuenkel

Fundamentals of Biotic Farming

Brendon Rockey

Growing Hemp in a Regenerative System Using Cover Crops and No-till

Steve Groff

Why, Why, Why and How: Order is Imperative to Success

Adam Daugherty

SPONSOR SESSION; TRACE GENOMICS- How Soil Intelligence Leads to Soil Health

Dr. Erik Christian and Pat Dumstorff

Natural Intelligence Agriculture-Regenerating the Western Australian Wheat Belt

Ian and Diane Haggerty

Biotic Farming Applications

Brendon Rockey

Keep on the Sunny Side

Jason Mauck

“Win-Win”: How Can Farmers Prosper and Promote Community Health? A Conversation

Dr. Daphne Miller

SPONSOR SESSION: Indigo Carbon: How to Find the Hidden Revenue on Your Farm

Indigo Agriculture