GENERAL SESSION- The Hidden Half of Nature, Exploring the Root-Gut Connection 

David Montgomery and Anne Biklé

GENERAL SESSION: Cover Your Stuff, Plant Green

Jay Fuhrer

Soil Community Tipping Points: Enhancing Crop Nutrition, Yield and Resilience Through Quorum Sensing

Dr. Christine Jones

Regenerating the Diversity of Life in Soils- Hope for Farming, Ranching and Climate

Dr. David Johnson

6 Years Into the Journey:  Where We Started, How Far We Have Come, and Where We Can Go

Adam Daugherty

Growing a Revolution in Your Mind – When Ideas Get in Our Way

David Montgomery and Anne Biklé

Planting Green, It's Not Just a Practice, It's a Way of Life

Lucas Criswell

Building Reslilience Through Soil Health to Enhance Human Health

Dr. Kristine Nichols

Integrating Livestock, Reducing the Risks

Panelists: Ryan Speer, Scott Heinemann and Mark Lohrding

Leveraging Diverse Forage Mixtures for Production and Soil Health Goals

Dr. Meagan Schipanski, Lance Feikert and Mike Neff

Managing Carbon and Cash Through Diversity and No-till

Bryan Jorgensen

Designing a Mix and Managing Your Creation

Adam Daugherty

SPONSOR SESSION- Voices from the Field, Farmer Feedback on the General Mills Regenrative Agriculture Scorecard

Christina Skonberg and Steve Rosenweig

Improving Our Soils and Systems for the Next Generation

Grant Sims

Rebuilding and Maintaining Life in the Soil: A Case Study Review

Jay Fuhrer

Managing Soil Health for Healthy Profits

Russell Hedrick


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