Greg Judy, No-till Producer, Rucker, MO

Greg and Jan Judy operate Green Pastures Farm near Columbia, MO, raising cattle, sheep, horses, goats, pigs and chickens on grass pasture in balance with nature. They use no antibiotics, hormone implants or grain. The livestock graze rich pasture 100% of their lives. The Judys use rotational grazing on their farm, constantly moving the livestock to fresh rested pasture to graze and letting the previous grazed pasture rest so that it can grow back undisturbed. Their pastures are rich in clovers and many species of natural grasses. They use no chemical fertilizers or herbicides. Large populations of birds, ants, worms, butterflies, spiders & bees build the soils and control pests. “Our grass is our most precious natural resource,” the Judys say. “The grass leaf is actually a solar collector that stores energy from the sun. Livestock possess the unique ability to convert this green blade of grass into healthy meat without the use of fossil fuel.”

Building Healthy Soil With Mob Grazing

Greg will cover how to implement high-density planned mob grazing on your farm. Learn how to monitor animals to ensure they are getting everything they need to prosper. He’ll also discuss economical fencing and water development techniques, proper rest and recovery periods and how to build topsoil daily with a mob of animals while making a nice profit.

  • Learn how to make a very good living from the land while healing it with your grazing management
  • Learn proper rest and recovery periods between grazings
  • How to monitor your animals and forages daily to ensure maximum performance
  • Increased profits by grazing more animals over time
  • Lower your cost of production by minimizing fertilizer, lime, seed, clipping and feeding hay